Two Tool Pack (3-in-1 & Threader)

Two Tool Pack (3-in-1 & Threader)

3-in-1 Knot Tying Tool and Small Fly & Hook Threader

Two Tools that will solve all of your line threading and knot tying problems!


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The “Three- in- One” Fisherman’s Knot-Tying Tool has triple features:

1) The Grooved End for quick and easy Nail Knots and Snelling Hooks.
2) The Easy Enough Fly and Hook Threader which stabilized the hook by use of an embedded magnet which makes tying very efficient and easy.
3) The Knot-Tying End which firmly grips the line with precision contact without causing line damage.

Small Fly & Hook Threader Tool

Ideal for threading line through small hooks sizes 18,20,22,24,& 26 Manufactured of thermoplastic; does not damage line Compact design; lightweight. Attachment loop to clip to clothing.

How To Use Tool & Features