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Fishing Tools That Make Tying Knots Easy, Fast & Safe

For ALL Fisherman - Fly • Ice • Freshwater • Saltwater

To Enjoy Fishing and Catch More Fish, You Have to
Master Tying Knots

But There’s a Problem…

• It's hard to see the line to tie a knot

• Fingers stiff, cold & no longer nimble

• You're using multiple tools to tie knots

• Taking too long to tie knots

• You're tired of getting stuck by hooks

• Your knots are slipping or breaking

• Difficult tying knots in a rocking boat

• Dropping your jig or fly while threading

Lake Products has the knot tying tool you need to get your knots tied easy, fast and secure.

Our Fishing Tools Make it Easy & Quick
to Master Tying 17+ Various Knots
with Instruction Manual Included

3-in-1 Knot Tying Tool


Small Fly & Hook Threader


What do you as a fisherman actually need to make fishing more fun & less time consuming?

Lake Products fishing tools are all about quick and easy knot tying. If you and your fishermen friends can tie safe knots, sure and easy, you will enjoy more fishing and better catches.

We have two unique tools you can use, whether your a fly, freshwater, ice or saltwater fisherman, that can help you tie your tackle in a snap and be ready to catch some fish.

Our first tool is the Original “Three-in-One” Knot-Tying Tool that will help you tie 17+ various knots with ease.

Our second tool is a Small Fly & Hook Threader that is ideal for threading line through small hooks.

Don’t settle for complicated, heavy or hard to use fishing knot tying tools that don’t make it easy and cost you time fishing.

Grab one or both of our tools to save you time tying knots and enjoy more time on the river, stream or lake catching more fish!

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Want to easily Tie a Perfect Fishing Knot?

Our knot tying tools make it simple!